We can now ship to Canada.

We can now ship to Canada.

Many of our customers have asked us for years if we can ship to Canada. We are happy to announce that we now have the ability to ship many of the parts and accessories that we sell to Canada. If you would like to find out more about the products that we are able to ship to our Canadian customers please send us an email to swingsetwarehouse@gmail.com or click on the contact link with the following information:

  1. Product name and or part number
  2. Color (if applicable)
  3. Quantity you would like to order
  4. Name, phone number and ship to address.

Once we receive your request you will hear back from us with a freight quote for your order. Please note that there may be added Customs and Fee’s once your order arrives in Canada.

We look forward to serving from our neighbors to the North!


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