Tire Swings Offer Plenty of Backyard Fun

Heavy Duty Tire Swings - Swing Warehouse .comTire swings have been a traditional favorite for decades. Tire swings offer great fun for children of various ages. While a tire swing can be hooked to a playset, but most often they are hung from trees. If you are getting ready to hang a tire swing from a tree in your yard, you need to make sure you do it safely and ensure it secured.

How to Hang Tire Swings

  1. Choose a sturdy tree branch.
  2. Make sure you choose a branch that is the right height. Your ladder is taller than it looks and branches are also higher than expected.
  3. You can put a softball or baseball in a sock and tie it on the rope’s end then toss it over the tree branch.
  4. Now tie a slip knot and pull it until it reaches the branch which will result in a double rope that has an unequal and uneven size.
  5. The rope should be tied around the tire swing with a square knot.
  6. Attach the tire to the rope with a variety of knots.
  7. Have the heaviest person in your family to try out the swing to make sure it is strong enough to hold weight.
  8. After the test run, you can untie all the knots and put the tire swing up higher.

Fun for All Ages with Tire Swings

Tire swings are rather sturdy, so they can even be enjoyed by adults. With the right preparation and planning, you can get tire swings that your whole family will enjoy. We offer recycled tire swings for the little ones in your family. These recycled tire wings include the Big Buck tire swing, which is designed to look a deer, and Pony Pal tire swing, which looks like a pony. Other recycled tire swings include one that resembles a tractor and another that looks like a chopper. There are also just traditional tire swings as well.

Are You Ready to Get a Tire Swing?

Are you ready to add some old-fashioned fun to your backyard playset? Contact the team at SwingWarehouse.com to get help determining which tire swing works best for your needs.

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